About Another Dubai

Discover the most traditional, sustainable and health promoting places in Dubai

Not your typical travel guide

When I visited Dubai for the first time, I was really surprised by all the
negative comments I got from my followers. People told me that I would
see nothing authentic.
Of course, it came mostly from people who had never been there and
who were only expressing preconceived ideas and stereotypes. However,
it is true that we are always shown the same images of Dubai, which is
particularly the case on social media. We see many pictures of the famous
buildings and attractions, we are informed about all the pioneering
and futuristic projects of this incredible city but we don’t often get
the opportunity to know more about all the traditional, authentic and
sustainable aspects.

Discover the traditional, sustainable and health promoting Dubai

Discovering Dubai’s attachment to tradition and all the efforts that
are made to promote happiness, health, and sustainability was really
During my stay, I tried to share as many information, pictures and videos
as possible. I really wanted to show that whatever we search in Dubai
we can find it. Traditional or modern, pioneering as well as sustainable.
People were surprised to discover what Dubai really had to offer and some
of my followers changed their mind and realized Dubai was a destination
to be considered.
As many people asked me to provide them with a list of interesting places
to visit, I decided to write a guide and share my favorite places to go.
In this guide, you won’t find Dubai’s most famous attractions although
they are wonderful places to visit. There is plenty of information about
them and my goal is to talk about the places you may have not heard or
thought about.
I don’t pretend I know everything about this city, and this guide is not
exhaustive but I am sure you will enjoy discovering those places as much
as I did. It will be constantly completed and updated anytime I will get
any interesting information.
I hope it will be useful for you if you happen to travel in the Emirates